ATA Announces Engagement as Service Provider for Computer-Based National Tax Adviser Occupational Qualification Exam, Discontinuation of Testing Services for the Securities Association of China

BEIJING, CHINA -- (Marketwired) -- 01/11/16 -- ATA Inc. ("ATA" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: ATAI), a leading provider of advanced testing technologies and testing-related services in China, today announced that the China Certified Tax Agents Association has engaged ATA to be its service provider for the computer-based National Tax Adviser Occupational Qualification Exam.

The National Tax Adviser Occupational Qualification Exam, previously known as the National Chartered Tax Adviser Qualification Exam, has been administered for 20 years in China and has become increasingly regarded as a prominent national exam in China. It is typically offered once a year. This exam is transitioning from a traditional paper-based format to ATA's technology-based platform, and ATA expects to deliver the first computer-based version of this exam in February 2016.

ATA also announced that during the recently completed bidding process, it was not selected to deliver computer-based exams for the Securities Association of China ("SAC") in calendar years 2016-2017. SAC has historically been one of ATA's top clients. ATA remains committed to growing its core testing services businesses and is confident in the superiority of its offerings and ability to attract new clients in various industries in the future.

Mr. Kevin Ma, ATA's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are pleased to have had sustained a fruitful and gratifying relationship with the SAC over the years and while we are, of course, disappointed in this outcome, we felt it was important for ATA to maintain the model that has sustained its overall business since its founding in 1999. We recently closed out a strong FY 2016 third quarter and do not expect the loss of the SAC exam to impact our Fiscal Year 2016 results. We are optimistic about our prospects for the future and look forward to taking advantage of the positive momentum generated by ATA's selection as the service provider for the National Tax Adviser Occupational Qualification Exam. ATA has spent years building relationships with many reputable organizations in China, and we are working in earnest to continue building upon this foundation."

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